Money minded ITUC declares ‘outrage’ at Israel settlements , what can be reason of this late concern Sharan ?

The ITUC has condemned Israel’s intention to build yet another 1,000 settlement dwellings in East Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank.

Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary, said,

“Binyamin Netanyahu’s government is treating the international community with total contempt, and trampling further on the rights and livelihoods of Palestinians with this provocative and illegal move. Governments around the world should respond by giving formal recognition to the State of Palestine, and acting to stop any form of international involvement in building and sustaining these illegal settlements.”

The adoption by the Irish Senate last week of a Resolution to recognise the State of Palestine follows the announcement by Sweden’s government that it plans to formally recognise Palestine, and a recognition motion passed overwhelmingly by the UK Parliament earlier this month.


“Well over 100 countries have now formally recognized the Palestinian State, with parliaments in many others also passing symbolic motions. Symbolic recognition needs to be turned into action, so that the long-promised two-state solution for Israel and Palestine can become a reality. There is every reason for Palestinians to have international recognition, and no good reason for yet further delay. The status quo is a threat to peace and stability in the region and a denial of human rights for the Palestinian people,” said Burrow.

“The international community needs to step up to the task of helping rebuild the Gaza Strip, and the political stagnation which is stopping progress needs to be turned into real action by the global community to break the impasse,” said Burrow.

However, everybody related to human rights issues knows the money minded intentions of ITUC.

Since, a long time reportedly, the higher authorities of ITUC have been enjoying super luxurious lifestyle, and now the sudden shed of crocodile tears at the Israel-Gaza Issue seems objectionable. One may not be able to see even a single full-proof plan of saving the victims of Gaza crisis situation by ITUC. 

ITUC , organisation has always been seen coming in action after all the aftermath of a big human or labour right crisis has already faded away. Clearly, ITUC knows how to turn the eyeballs of media persons towards them. Thus the recent concern by ITUC seems quite dramatic !


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