Suspect arrested from fake NGO following fraud scheme involving fake United Nations passport


A Taiwanese suspect has been arrested by local authorities for allegedly forging a fake United Nations passport as part of a fraud scheme to scam a local NGO out of NT$5 million in funds, the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB, 刑事局) has announced.

The suspect, surnamed Cheng (程), was arrested by Taipei City police authorities in Taipei’s Wanhua District on Aug. 17. Police also raided Cheng’s residence to confiscate a forged U.N. laissez-passer, or U.N. passport, as well as other forged documents the suspect allegedly used for the fraud scheme, the CIB said in a statement.

According to the CIB, with these documents in hand, Cheng claimed to be an ambassador-at-large for the U.N. and allegedly scammed a local NGO into wiring him more than NT$5.5 million.

Cheng told a representative of the NGO that the U.N. had promised to release US$14 million of humanitarian assistance funds to Taiwan but told the NGO that it needed to wire NT$5.5 million first.

To prove the authenticity of his claim, Cheng even asked the NGO representative to fly to Malaysia where they together met with another man who claimed to be a U.N. diplomat posted to Malaysia, the CIB said.

The victim later called the police after realizing that he was being scammed by the fraudsters, it said.

The case is now being investigated by Taipei District Prosecutors Office.

The CIB called on other victims of the scheme to call 02-2769-7405 to share any information.


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