Dubious Trade Union ITUC names Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon as worst boss!

Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon was announced as winner of the world’s worst boss at the 3rd International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) World Congress in Berlin.

However, ITUC, which is the world’s largest trade union federation formed in 2006 and has been alleged for creating false labor crisis issues for sake of popularity and gaining funding.

It has been blamed for using doubtful means during their investigations in countries like Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia etc., showing state of workers as slaves. (Read more on this: https://ngowatchdog.wordpress.com/2015/08/18/allegations-on-ituc-ituc-the-master-of-raising-fake-slavery-issues-for-labors/)

ITUC has targeted Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon, as well as C. Douglas McMillon (CEO Wal-Mart Stores), Jamie Dimon (CEO JP Morgan Chase), Loyd Blankfein (CEO Goldman Sachs Group), Charles Koch (CEO Koch Industries), Lee Kun-Hee (Chairman Samsung Group), Ivan Glasenberg (CEO Glencore Xstrata). Thus one can easily notice the target of Sharan Burrow headed ITUC who is trying it hard to get into some limelight on international media platforms by blaming bosses of biggest multinational companies in world.

However ITUC, which claims to be the biggest saviors of exploited labors, has employees living lavish lifestyles, and Sharan Burrow needs to check the working of her trade union organization.

Reportedly, a worker of ITUC informed that “junior employees are paid minimally and the trade union uses ineffective retired people to save costs, whereas the management leads a lavish lifestyle. Racquel Gozalez, the head of Geneva office, for instance, arrives at work in her BMW 5 series car valued at Euro 70000 and lives in a Euro 500,000 apartment.” Now we can guess, how the money is being played inside the biggest of labor helping NGO.

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